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Art has always held a special interest in my life. My ceramics experience began while I was still in school and playing with clay was fascinating fun. When I reached college I took more ceramics courses, determined to learn as much as I could about working with clay while earning my art degree.

Later, there were classes at ceramic shops, brushwork classes, claywork classes, airbrush classes, and more. Then came the certification courses so that I could beome a Certified Duncan Teacher.

For the past 12 years I have poured, molded, cleaned, fired, painted, fired again and sold my ceramics,. For the last 10 years I have sold through this website. My special love is painting flowers on my ceramic pieces. They may not be perfect flowers, but they are happy flowers, painted with love.

Due to demands at work, I am no longer able to accept custom orders. I have trouble keeping up with the growing demand for my teapots and chocolate pots, as well as my special children's tea sets and chocolate sets , but I keep working at it, hoping to fulfill everyone's desire to own a piece of Glorian Ceramics.

Note: All items intended for use with food or drink have been made using lead-free bisque and lead-free paints and glazes. If you aren't sure about an item on this website, please ask.

Glorian Ceramics is located at:
3407 Highway 120
Duluth, GA 30096
Phone: 770-476-7322-EXT-711

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All ceramic teapots and other kitchen items are made using food safe glazes unless otherwise noted.

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